“Vodopribor Uchet” in Balabanovo

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“Vodopribor Uchet” in Balabanovo
10 December 2018

“Vodopribor Uchet” in Balabanovo — citywide digitalization accounting of drink water.

Vodopribor specialists together with government enterprise “Kalugaoblvodokanal” realized a unique project. Water accounting units, equipped with automated system of data transmission - Vodopribor Uchet”, were established on the water supply wells, which provide water to the entire population of the city.

On the main seven artesian chinks of Acatovsky and Tarutinsky water intakes, located on the left side of Istya river, a complex modernization work of accounting systems was held with application of VVT meters, Vodopribor production. The distinctive feature of the given water meters is the ability to resist hydraulic impacts and sharp differences in the rate of water flow movements, as well as the opportunity for unlimited work on the surplus flow. These functional advantages ensure not only working capacity on the city water intake chinks, but also to get authentic information about the consumption. Measurement error does not exceed 1 percent.

After water meter installment, employees of the central dispatch service of government enterprise “Kalugaoblvodokanal” united them into one informational network “Vodopribor Uchet”, with an opportunity of online chink work monitoring. All the data is transmitted on the automated working places of the central dispatch service employees and permits to follow actual consumption in real time, comparing this data with pumping production equipment of water intakes. Dispatching of city water intakes can not only provide process security, but also to reduce its operating costs, improve rapid response to the emergency, eliminate leakages in water supply systems.

The integrated system "Vodopribor Uchet" has shown its high reliability and efficiency in the most severe operating conditions with an average monthly volume of water lifting from 7 wells more than 230 thousand cubic meters.