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Information for the company’s clients

It is possible to achieve a high quality of service (from the point of view of organization), brought to automatism (and automated), but at the same time to overlook a particular client. In this case, the priority will be the standards of service, not the customer's impressions and loyalty. The main things are accuracy, speed, yielding capacity, repeatability. In fact, these are all features of a conveyor. The question whether the clients will return on the next day, whether their problems have been resolved, whether they are satisfied with the service, remains behind the scenes of the “quality service” process.».

An example of this situation may be a large company committed to high-performance processes, including customer service. And if yesterday it was their advantage, then today, due to the increasing consumer demands to individual service, it is more of a competitive weakness.

As a result of such client service, the client has to listen to the voice of the autoinformer: “Thank you for calling our company, all operators are busy at the moment, you are on a queue list.” Oh, waiting in the line again! Don’t you agree, it gives some motivation (to hang up), but no satisfaction.