Automated integrated accounting system (Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption, ASKUE) “Vodopribor Accounting”

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“Vodopribor Accounting” is a flexible wireless radio system for collecting and processing integrated energy metering data (both for a building as a whole and for individual apartments), which helps solve almost any task of organizing the accounting of resource consumption, including primary metering devices with built-in or external data transmission radio modules, various repeaters, hubs and data acquisition and processing software.

Main advantages of “Vodopribor Accounting”:

  1. No access is required to premises where the metering devices are installed when taking the readings - reading are taken remotely
  2. No cables between the metering devices and the data acquisition equipment
  3. Readings are transferred with high accuracy, data archives are backed up
  4. The user is provided with comprehensive technical and reference data to ensure full control over the accounting networks
  5. Real-time warnings and alarm messages
  6. Comprehensive data for payment systems, document flow, etc.
  7. Obtaining summary data on comparative consumption, consumption history, deficiency of a resource, etc.
  8. Significant reduction in costs for the maintenance of accounting networks

The overall structure of “Vodopribor Accounting” automated wireless system:

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