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The testing laboratory of Vodopribor Plant has the necessary base for testing products of mechanical-engineering profile: pipeline fittings, valve flanges and pipeline connectors, transitions, T-pieces, etc., as well as fire hydrants, hatches. The laboratory performs analysis of iron-based alloys (steel, cast iron), copper-based alloys (bronze, brass), determines the hardness and strength features of alloys. The laboratory has been accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology in the GOST R system since 1999, has a re-accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU. 0001.22ЧС35. Ensuring the correctness of test results: - The accuracy of the analysis results is controlled by a laboratory technician in accordance with the regulatory documentation for the type of analysis carried out. - Equipment and devices used for testing are certified, checked and/or calibrated in accordance with the regulatory documentation and verification and calibration schedules developed by the metrological service in accordance with STP SMK 7.6.0 - 01. - Chemical reagents used for testing must meet the requirements of relevant regulatory documents and have accompanying documentation confirming their quality. Experts of the testing laboratory are responsible for the compliance of chemical reagents with the requirements of regulatory documentation. - Intra-laboratory control of the accuracy of analysis results is carried out as necessary, but at least twice a year.

You can obtain additional information at the Testing Laboratory of the Enterprise, call: (495) 647-07-62

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