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All products presented on the site are made by Vodopribor Plant.

Directing water to the right channel since 1892!

Company details

Main information on the company - Vodopribor Plant, ООО (Limited Liability Company)

Full name:
Vodopribor Plant, Limited Liability Company
Abbreviated name:
Vodopribor Plant, ООО
INN (Taxpayer
Identification Number)/KPP
(Tax Registration Reason Code):
OGRN (Primary State
 Registration Number):
Legal address:
building 3, 1 Kirova str., 249091 Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region
Actual address:
building 4, 10 Letnikovskaya str., 115114 Moscow
Telephone, Fax: +7 (495) 647-07-62,  8 (800) 555-05-04
Bank details: BIK (bank identification code) 044525836
Current account No.40702810100110270223 in Joint-Stock Commercial Bank RosEvroBank, AO (Joint-Stock Company)
Correspondent account 30101810445250000836 

BIC 044525411
Current account 40702810600070003080 in CENTRAL BRANCH of VTB BANK, PAO (Public Joint Stock Company) in MOSCOW
Correspondent account 30101810145250000411