MZVSh - 50 (DN 50)

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Shut-off full-opening common industrial purpose flange cast iron MZVPR-100 gate valves operated by rotational drives, with a rubber wedge non-rising stem, intended for installation in drinking water pipelines according to SanPiN, flowing in systems of cold and hot water.
By resistance to influence of ambient air temperature and humidity, the gate valves correspond to NF, climatic category - 3, according to GOST 15150.

   The gate valve bears a marking:

  • on the front side of the body, in cast metal - working pressure, working temperature, nominal diameter, material of body parts;

  • on the reverse side of the body, in cast metal - trademark of the manufacturer, year of manufacture, frame for gluing a self-destructive plate containing the factory serial number and the Euro-Asian conformity sign.

When released from production, all products are subject to 100% final inspection and assigned an individual serial number. 

Drawing_MZVSH50-150.jpg    Drawing_MZVSH-Ust.jpg


Габаритные размеры, мм
  Gate valve type
Parameter designation    MZVSh-50
MZVSh-80 MZVSh-100 MZVSh-150 MZVSh-200 MZVSh-250 MZVSh-300
DN 50 80 100 150 200 250 300
H H + h1
h 1800÷3000, шаг 100
h1 83 100 110 142 170 200 227
L 180 180 190 210 230 250 270

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Standard size / Version 50 - 300
General technical requirements

Warranty period of the gate valve is 18 months after the date of commissioning. 
Guaranteed operating time – at least 300 cycles 
Average error-free running time – 600 cycles. 
Average resource before decommissioning – 1000 cycles 
Total specified service life – 8 years.

The product complies with the requirements of

GOST 5762 Industrial Pipeline Fittings. Gate Valves for Nominal Pressure up to PN 250. General performance specifications.
TS 3721-007-03219029-2009 MZVSh Gate Valves.

Storage and transportation

Storage and transportation conditions of gate valves – category 8 (OZh3), according to GOST 15150: Open areas in macroclimatic areas with a moderate and cold climate in atmosphere of any type. 
The gate valves can be transported by any means of transport in accordance with the shipping rules of goods, relevant for the selected transport.

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